Japanese Patent Search for GPS Car Navigation

A navigation system for car is a satellite navigation system designed for use in automobiles. It typically uses a GPS navigation device to acquire position data to locate the user on a road in the unit's map database. Using the road database, the unit can give directions to other locations along roads also in its database.

Japan is the earliest country that first launched car navigation system in the market at commercial scale, first by Honda, and followed by Nissan and other manufacturers. Car navigation system in Japan is called Kanabi, which is the abbreviation of Car Navigator in Japanese.

The number of Japanese patents filed in the area of navigation device or system or method is the largest in the world. In other words, Japanese patent document is a very rich source for searching prior art in this area.

As a sample, in looking for for navigation device related patents, we would use FI classification, another unique Japanese patent system. For example, we would use following fields of search:

(G01C21/00@G OR G08G1/0969 OR G08G1/137 OR G09B29/00@A OR G09B29/10@A OR H04B7/26@106A OR H04B7/26@109M OR H04Q7/04@Z OR G06F17/60@144 OR G06F17/60@506)

Sample of searching Japanese patent using combination of full text key words and FI.