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Comprehensive Japanese prior art search for wind turbine and its rotor blades

The purpose is to find Japanese prior art, including patent and non-patent literatures, which discloses wind turbine and its rotor blades.


Japanese documents in public domains published prior to 2009.

Search strings used:
S1: Japanese synonyms of blade OR wing OR vane
S2: synonyms of wind turbine OR wind mill OR wind generator OR wind farm
S3: synonyms of multi-section OR two/2 section OR multi-section blade, etc.
S4: synonym of bearing
S5: synonym of motor

1) Non-patent literature databases
Following non-patent literature databases were used with the strings mentioned above: JDream (JSTPlus), CiNii, G-search, READ, GENii, and Kaken.

Among these databases, JDream (JSTPlus) is the most important and comprehensive Japanese non-patent literature database that covers all scientific and technological Japanese journals, conference preprints, reviews, etc. READ is a Japanese researchers database.

The searches were performed using key word strings for titles and abstracts. Bibliographic information including abstracts of the hits generated were screened.

There are many articles disclosing blade design and manufacturing for blades and wind turbines.

2) Internet Image
We also searched blade images and pictures using Japanese Google Images with synonyms of "(wind turbine OR wind mill OR wind generator OR wind farm) AND (blade OR wing OR vane)", with the intention of finding an image or picture of a multi-section (2 section) blade of a wind turbine and the associated document describing the drawing or picture.

3) Google Scholar
Google-Japan launched a Scholar Search (beta) to search for scholarly literatures that cover many disciplines and sources including articles, theses, and books, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, to universities and other web sources. We used the Japan Google Scholar as a supplemental search tool and looked for blades for a wind turbine that have at least 2 sections.

4) Companies / researchers
We also searched for Japanese companies that manufacture wind turbines, and looked for for researchers who may have performed researches in this field.

Companies /institutes searched: Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Corp., Fuji Heave Industry Corp., Japan Steel Works Corp., Cygnus Co., Winpro Co.,Ltd., Japan Moog Inc., Kyushu Kogyou University, Nagoya University, Nippon University, Tottori University, Denki Tsushinn University, etc.

Researchers searched: Shinjou, Yoshida, Akahane, Fukui, Ando, Kusama, Takao, Kawakami, Kanemoto, Tomita, Tsuda, Fukuoka, Sakamoto, Tanimoto, Hanai, et al.

This project covered wind turbine blades having two or more than two sections. We used combinations of Japanese key word strings in finding for all the major non-patent literature databases. Abstracts and bibliographic information of the hits generated were screened. We also searched other sources in Japanese public domain including Japanese Google images, Japanese Google Scholar, Japanese researchers database READ, etc.

Searching Japan patent and non-patent literatures for wind turbine and its rotor blades

For novelty/ patentability assessement.