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Search Strings and Number of Hits for Light-emitting Diode (LED) device

In the searches for a light-emitting diode (LED) with following features, about 875 hits were generated.

LED features: A LED comprising: an LED chip that emits a blue light having a first wavelength, and a thin film layer over the LED chip that interacts with the blue light to form a light having a different wavelength.

After screening and reviewing the 875 hits, 7 Japanese patent documents are uncovered. In additional to the 7 documents, 11 other patents disclosing LEDs with changed wavelength of the emitted light by using fluorescent material were also identified.

Search strings used and number of hits generated are summarized below for reference.

Search No. Explanation Number of hits*
S13 S5+ S11+ S12 875
S12 S1*S2*S3*S10 71
S11 S9*S10 45
S10 Full text search using synonyms corresponding to “passivation” 21613
S9 S1*S2*S3*S8 2288
S8 Full text search Using Japanese synonym corresponding to “wavelength” 435994
S7 S1*S2*S3 3674
S6 S1*S2 26687
S5 S1*S2*S3*S4 823
S4 Full text search Using synonym corresponding to “white” 583498
S3 Full text search Using synonym corresponding to “blue” 354418
S2 Using Japanese key word synonyms corresponding to “light emitting device”, “light emitting element” 118338
S1 IPC search 440703

Language: Japanese

Period of the search: Documents published prior to 2002

Databases used: NRI, Patolis, and JPO database

Searching Japan patents for Light-emitting Diode (LED) device

IPC and full text strings were used.