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Our Search Team

Our dedicated prior art search team possesses extensive experience in addition to technical background, search expertise, language skills and intellectual property knowledge. We have access to almost all patent and other prior art databases in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, including Patolis, NRI, JP-NET, JSTPlus, etc. We have the right search team with the right skills and knowledge, as well as right tools for prior art search in Asian languages, the so-called CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

Profile of some of Our Searchers

  • Mr. Kazuaki Murakami
    Language: Japanese / English
    Years of experience: 16 years
    Fields: Machinery, electrical and electronics, communication/wireless, business model
    Working Experiences: 4 years working as a R&D researcher;16 years working as a patent searcher

    Education: Master degree from Osaka University, mechanical engineering

    Search database: PATOLIS, NRI Patent, PATENT-NET, etc.
    Language: Native speaker of Japanese.
    Certified Nikon aligner technician.
    Qualification of Database Searchers – Level 1
    Working language: Japanese

  • Mr.Masaru Kawaguchi
    Language: Japanese
    Years of experience: Since 1996

    Semiconductors, Communication technologies and devices, Optical apparatus/devices, IT related technologies and products

    Area of expertise (Academic background):
    Electrical and electronic engineering, Information processing engineering, Production engineering

    Working Experiences:
    Have working experience at Toshiba. and KYOCERA,

    Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, electrical and electronic engi-neering
    Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Information Science.

    Search database: PATOLIS, NRI, Hitachi Shareresearch, STN, IPDL, etc.
    Language: Native speaker of Japanese
    Qualification of Database Searchers – Level 1 (1998)
    Information mining /patent mapping

  • Mr.Jun Cheng
    Language:Japanese / Chinese/English
    Years of experience: 14 years

    Fields: Material, Chemistry, chemical engineering, Bio/pharmaceutical, Home appliance/electronics, Communication, Business models

    Working Experiences:
    5 years working with a multinational company at R&D department; 14 years at current position

    Education: Ph.D. from Osaka University in Osaka, Master from Peking University in Beijing

    Search database: PATOLIS, NRI Patent, PATENT-NET, PatentNET(Chinese), CNKI (Chinese), Wanfang(Chinese), etc.
    Language: Native speaker of Japanese and Chinese
    Working language: Japanese/Chinese/English

  • Mr.Jianying Guo
    Language: Japanese / Chinese
    Years of experience: 8 years
    Fields: Bio/pharmaceutical, chemistry, Communication
    Working Experiences:
    2 years working as a researcher, 2 years as a translator, 8 years in current position.

    M.Sci. from Chiba University in Japan

    Skills: Search database: PATOLIS, NRI Patent, PATENT-NET, G-Search, Teikoku Dababank, PatentNET(Chinese), CNKI (Chinese), Wanfang(Chinese), etc.
    Working language: Japanese/Chinese

Our Clients

Our clients include patent attorneys, IP managers of multinational corporations. We work with our clients very closely to provide solutions to address their issues. We tailor our searches to fit the needs of our clients, deliver high value, and accommodate the budget that has been allocated toward prior art research activities. We respect, value, and protect our customer's proprietary information at all times. We are extraordinarily sensitive to the nature of the information our clients share with us.

Searching Japanese patent is our expertise and strength.

We are looking forward to serving you.