Japanese Patent Search Procedure: Last Step

Step 9 is the last step in the process. Relevant reference documents uncovered in the search and review are summarized, English titles, abstracts and bibliographic information are obtained from JPO, or the abstract or main claim(s) are translated if English abstract is not available for certain Japanese patent documents. Machine translation for full Japanese patent documents published after 1993 is also performed at the last step.

For documents published before 1993, we use an OCR tool to convert image files into text files for the machine translation. Because OCR tool cannot recognize some Japanese characters if the resolution of the document is not good, which is true for most of the old patent documents published before 90s, the resulting machine translation output may be very rough to read.

With the comination of skills and resources, we can perform a thorough and precise patenet search to locate the needle in a haystack, if there is a needle there.

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We are specialized in searching Japanese prior art, as well as Chinese and Korean prior art.

We have right people in the right technology fields and possess right tools.