Japanese Patent Search Procedure: Step 8

In Step 8, we manually screen and review all the full patent documents downloaded in Step 7. Unfortunately there is no reliable computer tool to screen/review Japanese patent documents. Human intelligence is still far more reliable than computer intelligence in this area. We do, however, have our own tools to help us screen documents published after 1993, by marking and highlighting the terms/phrases we look for in the documents. Japanese patent documents published before 1993 cannot be marked or highlighted by using these tools because these documents are not image files that cannot be recognized by these tools.

We normally start with the screening for relevant art that can determine whether a target claim is lack of novelty. If there is no luck to uncover novelty prior art, we then look for relevant art that can anticipate the inventive step of a target patent.

In this step, once we unearth relevant art in the screening/reviewing process, we send these arts to our clients to seek their feedback. Based on our clients’ feedback, we may refine our screening/reviewing criteria, and refine the strings and stratgy in Step 7, or perform follow-up searches.

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We are specialized in searching Japanese prior art, as well as Chinese and Korean prior art.

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