July 2013
Japanese prior art (patent and non-patent literature) project for validity purpose had been completed this month. This search relates to image capturing and processing apparatus and method of a financial system for banks, securities companies and other financial institues.
F-term classification (Japanese patent unique classification), IPC & keyword string combination, and full text keyword sting were used to cover a broad scope, which produced 2600+ hits. After screening and reviewing these hits, 12 Japanese patent references are uncovered.

Cross-references search was also performed starting from analyzing the Reasons of Refusal of the target patent.

Databases used include: NRI (full text search); Patolis (classification search); JPO/IPDL combination; and JSTPlus.

Search strings used: F-term (F-term, Japanese unique patent classification) subclass searched: 5B055CB11, 5B055CC13, 5B055HB01, 5B055MM14, 5B049BB46, 5B049EE07, 5B049EE08, 5B049AA06, 5B049GG00, 5J104PA10, 5J104PA13, 5J104AA05, 5J104PA07, and 5J104KA16;
IPC and keyword string combinations: (H04L9/?+G06F17/?) AND (image + picture + scan ) AND (cheque + securiteis+ card + note)(in corrresponding Japanese synonyms.

June 2013
A Japanese non-patent scientific literature search projected completed. The purpose of this project is to find any articles including papers, reviews, technical report, symposium preprint, clinical reports, etc. about an anti-depression drug that are published prior to 1999. Full text keyword strings used JDream-III, G-Search, JAPIC and J-Global databases. 17 hits of scienetific literatures disclosing relevant drugs and machine translation of the bibliographic information and abstracts of these 17 hits are provided.

Oct. 2010
Since last month, we are working on 2 Japanese patent search projects. These 2 projects involve in patent search for separate 2 infringement litigation cases.

Our task is to focus on Japanese patents including patents application, granted patents, and applications in pending. We use 2 major patent databases to search classifications, and full text. We also perform patent numbers search based on the citation for the references obtained.

May 2010
In 2009, Japan Patent Office (JPO) received 348,596 patent applications (89.2% comparing with previous year), 9,507 utility model applications (100.6%), 30,875 design applications (92.0%), and 110,841(93.0%) trademark applications.

In the same year, 193,349 Japanese patents were registered (granted patent right), a 109.3% increase comparing with previous year.

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Japanese patent document is a rich source of prior art.