Japanese & Chinese Industrial Property Rights vol.2
Japanese patents are the most important prior art source
Japanese patents are the prime source of prior art, considering Japan is the No.1 country in the number of patents filed and the early publication system.

Whether your purpose is invalidation search, patentability search, or infringement search, you should have your Japanese prior art report in hand before you make any significant decision. The risk, or chance, is too high to skip the Japanese prior art search.

Over the past decade, Japanese inventors have filed over 400,000 applications annually in Japanese, which account for about 40% patents filed worldwide.
Number of Patents Filed Annually

Why Japan is the top country in the number of patents filed?
There are several reasons:
  • Japan is a world leader in technology development and engineering.
  • Japanese first-to-file patent system creates a race of patent filing among Japanese companies.
  • Government engagement encourages companies to promote extensive filings, and strategic filings.
  • Japanese companies use the practice of patent flooding by filing many patent applications, claiming minor, incremental changes surrounding another patentee’s core technology.

Japanese prior art search service
While Japanese prior art are every important, they are difficult to search. We specialize in Japanese prior art search and translation, have worked for many patent law firms, IP departments of many corporations.

After the search, a search report with following attachments will be submitted:
  1. art list with relevance ranking
  2. pdf files of all the art
  3. semi-machine translated titles and abstracts of all the art
  4. machine translated full contents of all the art.

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