Wireless Media Innovations, LLC vs. Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc. over US6,148,291 and US5,712,789 patent infringement

Wireless Media Innovations, LLC(plaintiff) filed a patent infringement action against Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc.(defendant) on Sep.5, 2013, accusing LEAPFROG of infringing 2 patents of the paintiff, U.S. Patent Nos. 6,148,291 and 5,712,789 (“the Patents-in-Suit”).

US6,148,291 (“the ’291 Patent”), entitled “CONTAINER AND INVENTORY MONITORING METHODS AND SYSTEM,” was issued On November 14, 2000. US5,712,789 (“the ’789 Patent”), entitled “CONTAINER MONITORING SYSTEM AND METHOD,” was issued on January 27, 1998.

The plaintiff accuses the defendant of using at least one yard management system and operative methods associated therewith to monitor the locations, movement, and load statuses of shipping containers at facilities and at least by the defendant’s monitoring of the containers and trailers, the defendant has infringed one or more claims of the ’291 Patent and ’789 Patent.

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