Penovia LLC filed complains accusing Cisco Systems Inc. and 6 other companies of patent infringement

On Sept. 27, 2013, Penovia LLC filed complains in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas accusing Cisco Systems Inc., Actiontec Electronics, Inc., ASUS Computer International, Belkin International Inc., Buffalo Technology (USA) Inc., D-Link Systems Inc. Gigaset Communications Inc., and Netgear Inc. of patent infringement.

The patent of the accused infringement is US5,822,221 titled Office Machine Monitoring Device”. US5,822,221 expired on Oct.13, 2010 because Penovia was not able to pay the maintenance fee. However, Penovia complaint that Cisco Systems Inc. and 6 other companies for infringement of US5,822,221during the time period that is within the damages period and before the US5,822,221 patent expired. The accused products include wireless routers.

We searched whether '221 has any patent family members particularly equivalent Japanese patent family members but none was found.

US5,822,221 discloses a device for monitoring an office machine, comprising an interface unit coupled to a main logic board and display circuit of the office machine; a microcontroller unit; and a transceiver unit (claim 1).

The field and features disclosed in '221 is a field that Japanese manufacturers have leading edge in technical development and innovation. The likelihood of uncovering pertinent prior art in this field in searching Japanese patents is higher than average. Suggestion to plaintiffs and defending attorneys: getting a thorough Japanese prior art search focusing on patents before making any decision.

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