Recent Patent Infringement Cases, Complaints / Lawsuits in the US

  • Data Engine Technologies LLC accused IBM for infringement of 6 patents..
    On Nov. 4, 2013, Data Engine Technologies LLC accused IBM for infringement of 6 patents: US6,247,020; US7,051,316; US5,475,843; US6,976,243; US6,851,107; and US6,237,135. Among these 6 applications, only US5,475,843 has an equivalent Japanese patent family member. Other 5 patents do not have corresponding Japanese nor Chinese applications.

  • Vantage Point Technology complained Microsoft, and 10 other companies for patent infringement of US5,463,750.
    On Nov. 1, 2013, Vantage Point Technology, Inc. filed a complaint accusing Microsoft Corporation, Inc., ASUS Computer International, Barnes & Noble, Inc., Broadcom Corp., Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., Hisense USA Corporation, HTC America, Inc., Huawei Device USA, Inc., Kyocera International, Inc., Lenovo (United States) Inc., andLG Electronics USA, Inc. for infringing a patent (US5,463,750) titled “Method and apparatus for translating virtual addresses in a data processing system having multiple instruction.” '750 does not have any Japanese patent family member.

  • YouTube is alleged by US7,523,166 patent owner for infringement.
    The '166 patent relates a method and system for broadcasting messages of an advertising natural which ensure that a recipient of the advertising message takes into account at least a portion of the content of the message. The method and system prevent a user from skiiping or advancing through an advertising message during at least a period of delay.

  • Metasearch Systems LLC alleged Expedia Inc.,, L.P., and Hotwire, Inc. for patent infringement on 7 patents: US8,239,451, US8,171,079, US8,073,904, US7,490,091, US7,421,468, and US7,277,918.
    None of these patents has any equivelant Japanese nor Chinese patent family members.
    The multiple queries and multitasing search function disclosed in the 7 documents are called "Oudann Kennsa" in Japanese, which means "cross-database search" literally.

    Suggestion to defending attorneys: searching Japanese prior art focusing on "Oudann Kennsa" in NPL and patent references.

  • Sept.27, 2013, Penovia LLC filed complains accusing Cisco Systems Inc.and 6 other companies of infringement of US5,822,221.
    US5,822,221 has no any Japanese patent family members. The likelihood of uncovering pertinent prior art in this field in searching Japanese patents is higher than average. Suggest to conduct a thorough Japanese prior art search focusing on patents before making any decision.

  • Sept. 2013, MLR complains Sony Electronics Inc. has infringed and continues to infringe MLR's patents in the products including Wi-Fi enabled, broadband-capable portable computers and laptop computers.
    The patents of this case are US7,343,173, US6,934,558, US6,134,453, US7,386,322; and US6,961,584.
    No any equivalent Japanese patent applications found for US7,343,173.
    Suggestion for the defending attorney: get a prior art search firm to search full text document in Japanese (validity search). F-term and FI classification searches should also been included.

  • Sept. 26, 2013, Adaptix, Inc.vs Apple Inc and Cellco Partership d/b/a Verizon Complaint for Patent Infringement
    The patents of this case are US7,454,212 and US6,947,748 assigned to Adaptix, Inc.
    Japanese patent search code (FT code): 5K067

  • Wireless Media Innovations, LLC vs. Leapfrog Enterprises over US6,148,291 and US5,712,789 patent infringement
    Wireless Media Innovations, LLC (plaintiff) filed a patent infringement action against Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc.(defendant) on Sep.5, 2013, accusing Leapfrog of infringing 2 patents of the paintiff, U.S. Patent Nos. 6,148,291 and 5,712,789 (“the Patents-in-Suit”).

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