Korean Prior Art Databases

Comparing with Japanese and Chinese prior art, Korean prior art resource is relatively smaller. In areas such as home applicance, electronics, automobile, etc., Korean prior art is a very importance resource.

Patent Database

  • KIPO
    KIPO is the governmental authority in charge of intellectual property in Korea. Korean patent abstracts can be searched from KIPO site but a more comprehensive search should use another database called KIPRIS.
    KIPRIS is a comprehensive Korean patent information database which was first launched in 1996 by Korean intellectual property office (KIPO). KIPRIS covers publications of Korean IPR applications, legal status information, trial information, etc.

Non-patent Literatures

  • E-Korean Studies
    This databAse is a cross-database search interface of the following 9 major Korean electronic databases covering various disciplines including arts and humanities, social sciences, medical sciences. The content materials cover various sources from monographs, periodicals, newspapers, dissertations and research reports, law, classical literature, to dictionaries and video lectures. Each of the databases can also be accessed and searched separately.
  • KISS(Korean Studies Information Service System)
    Full text database of Korean scholarly journal articles, university publications and research papers published by over 1,200 research institutions in Korea . The DB includes 800,000 full-text articles and it covers most of subject areas published since 1945. Requirement of the system: Acrobat Reader(more than 4.0)
  • DBpia
    Full text database including over 709 Korean Academic Scholarly Journal titles. It also downloadable and searchable by serial title, author, publisher and keyword and journal titles are also arranged by 11 subject categories.
  • Korea Knowledge Portal
    The official gateway to South Korean government documents operated by the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion. This full-text database links eight national institutes and is searchable by keyword, author, publisher, subject, format, language, and date.

Searching CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) prior art for patent infringement litigation

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