Japanese Patent, Trademark, Utility Models and Design Database, Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL)

Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL) is a database for Japanese patent, trademark, design for general public that was developed and operated by Japan Patent Office (JPO) from 1999 to 2004, and now is operated by the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT). IPDL is a website based database that the general public can search and retrieve information about industrial property. IPDL provides around 84 million documents of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks and corresponding bibliographic information, which is the largest database of this kind in the world.

In addition to Japanese, IPDL also provides searchable English abstracts (Patent Abstracts of Japan, PAJ) for documents that are published after 1976.

Since IPDL is a free service designed for general publish to access basic information on industrial property rights, search functions are very limited. Also IPDL does not allow downloading large amounts of files. For advanced search needs, commercial databases such as Patolis, Patent-Net etc. have to be used. But IPDL is still a very useful tool. If you need to find a corresponding patent type or number, for example, the Patent & Utility Model Concordanceor tool is very convenient.

Documents Stored at IPDL:

Document Type Publication Date
Published patent application 1971 - now
Examined patent application publication 1922 - 1996
Patent 2500001 - 5200200 (ser. No.)
Patent specification 1 - 216017 (Ser. No.)
Japanese translation of PCT international application 1979 - now
Registered utility model 3000001 - 3183435 (Ser. No.)
Published utility model application 1971- 2006
Examined utility model application publication 1922- 1996
Examined utility model registration 2500001 - 2607899 (ser. No.)
Examined utility model specification 1 - 406203 (ser. No.)
Japanese translation of PCT international application(utility model) 1979 - 1998
Domestic re-publication of PCT international application 79 - 2011

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