Data Engine Technologies LLC accused IBM for patent infringement

On Nov. 4, 2013, Data Engine Technologies LLC filed a complaint against International Business Machines Corp., accusing the later for infringing at least following 6 patents: US6,247,020; US7,051,316; US5,475,843; US6,976,243; US6,851,107; and US6,237,135.

US6,247,020, titled “Development system with application browser user interface” was granted on 6/12/2001. No any corresponding Japanese patent family member.

US6,237,135, titled “Development system with visual design tools for creating and maintaining Java Beans components” was granted on 5/22/2001. No any equivalent family application is found in our searrch for '135. Cited IPC subclasses are G06F9/44 and G06F13/00.

US7,051,316, titled “Distributed computing component system with diagrammatic graphical representation of code with separate delineated display area.” was assigned to Borland Software Corporation and granted on 5/23/2006. There are 57 patent family members found, but none Japanese equivalent nor Chinese applications.

US5,475,843, titled “System and methods for improved program testing” was assigned to Borland International, Inc., filed on 10/21/1993, and granted on 12/12/1995. There are 7 family applications, one of which is a Japanese equivalent with its application publication number as JP-H06-222897A publised on 1994-08-12 titled "APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TRAINING OF COMPUTER DATABASE". No Chinese equivalent

US6,976,243, titled “Method and system for developing source code and displaying linked elements found within the source”, was assigned to Borland Software Coporation, filed on 4/20/2001, and granted on 12/13/2005. There are approximately 57 applications in the same family, but none of them is Japanese nor Chinese.

US6,851,107, titled “Software development tool with instant updating and simultaneous view of graphical and a textual display”, was assigned to Borland Software Corporation, filed on 10/4/2000, and granted on 2/1/2005. We found 57 application(s) for '107 but none Japanese equivalent nor Chinese.

Data Engine Technologies LLC complained that IBM has been and is now directly infringing the claims of the '243 and other patents mentioned above in the State of Texas, in this judicial district and elesewhare witin the United Stastes by, among other things, making, using, licensing, selling, offering for sale, or importing software, including the software application covered by one or more claims of the '243 and other patents, all to the injury of Datan Engine.

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