Case Studies: Japanese Prior Art Search

Biotech Communication Optical communication
Machinery Electronics Pharmaceutical
Business model Medical Device Computer
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Semi-conductor

Field: Multimedia / Communication

Client: A New York patent law firm

Search scope: to find Japanese prior art from patent search to invalidate a US patent.

Field: Multimedia / communication.

Description: The target patent discloses a method of using a mobile device to receive signals from a sever or from other terminals on a network, and to send messages to one or more recipients.

Database used in the search:

Japanese patent type searched:
Japanese patents, including granted patents, patents that are pending, and unexamined patent applications.

Search strategy:

To cover a wide search scope, we utilized a combination of unique Japanese patent classification codes and IPC. Typical search strings used:
F-theme code (Japanese unique patent classification) searched: 5D378QQ01+ 5D378QQ21+ 5D378QQ30+ 5D378QQ38+ 5D378TT24+ 5K027AA11+ 5K027CC08+ 5K027FF22+ 5K027MM11+ 5K101KK02+ 5K101KK05+ 5K101KK18+ 5K101LL01+ 5K101LL12+ 5K101NN03+ 5K101NN15+ 5K101 NN18+ 5K101TT01+ 5K201AA05+ 5K201BA01+ 5K201BA05+ 5K201CA03+ 5K201CA08+ 5K201CA09+ 5K201CB05+ 5K201CB06+ 5K201CB09+ 5K201CB10+ 5K201CD04+ 5K201EA02+ 5K201EA05+ 5K201EC06+ 5K201EC07+ 5K201ED05+ 5K201ED07+ 5K201CB01+ 5K201CB02

FI (another Japanese patent classification) searched: G10H1/00+ H04M1/00+ H04M11/08

IPC searched: H04M11/08+ G10H1/00+ G10K15/02+ H04M1/00

Search results:
4 Japanese patent documents that are considered to be relevant art are found.


Thank you kindly for the speedy delivery. I will be sure to advise the client of your remarks regarding the translation. I will also make sure that the reviewer has this information available. I can’t say thank you enough. You have done a great job.

- John Hall, Texas