Case Studies: Japanese Prior Art Search

Biotech Communication Optical communication
Machinery Electronics Pharmaceutical
Business model Medical Device Computer
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Semi-conductor

Japanese Patent Search: Machinery

Project duration: 4 weeks

Client: A patent law firm in the US

Type of search: Invalidation search, to uncover prior art by search Japanese patent documents to invalidate an EPO patent

Field of Technology: Machinery

Brief Description of the Target Patent to be Invalidated: The target patent discloses an electromagnetic brake system that has a compression spring, an armature disk, a brake disk, and a coil. The target patent was filed in 1999.

Search strategy:
After a thoroughreviewing for the target patent, we believe the likelihood of uncovering good art in a Japanese patent search is higher than that in a non-patent literature search, so we recommend the client to search Japanese patent first, to save some search cost and to shorten turnaround time.

Database used: NRI (for full text search), PATOLIS (for classification search), and IPDL (for downloading full patents for review.

1) F-Term and FI (unique Japanese patent classification) search;
2) Full text key word strings and IPC combination search.

About 1540 hits were generated. After reviewing these hits, 3 Japanese patent documents that are pertinent art were uncovered. The electromagnetic brake system disclosed in one of the 3 Japanese patent documents is identical to the system disclosed in the target patent.

Thank you kindly for the speedy delivery. I will be sure to advise the client of your remarks regarding the translation. I will also make sure that the reviewer has this information available. I can’t say thank you enough. You have done a great job.

- John Hall, Texas