Case Studies: Japanese Prior Art Search

Biotech Communication Optical communication
Machinery Electronics Pharmaceutical
Business model Medical Device Computer
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Semi-conductor
Field: Electronics/computer
Japanese patent documents search

A major patent law firm in the US

Type of Search:
Invalidation search, to search Japanese patent documents to invalidate a US patent granted to technical company in the US.

Field of Technology:

Brief Description of the Target Patent to be Invalidated:
The target patent relates to a circuit for a microprocessor. This patent was filed in 1993 and published in 1995.

Search Strategy:
Search Japanese patents, including granted patents, patents that are pending, and unexamined patent applications.

First search: Key word strings in claims and abstracts, plus combination of classification search using FT /IPC with text key word string combination.

Second search: Key word strings in full text search.

Databases used: Patolis-IV, NRI (for full text search) and IPDL (for FT search).

Our Japanese patent searches generated about 1456 hits. After reviewing these hits, 6 Japanese patent documents that are considered to be relevant or general state of the art are uncovered. Machine translation output for the 6 Japanese documents are provided.

Thank you kindly for the speedy delivery. I will be sure to advise the client of your remarks regarding the translation. I will also make sure that the reviewer has this information available. I can’t say thank you enough. You have done a great job.

- John Hall, Texas